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Free Consultation

Consultancy can be provided at no charge to allow our client to consider and compare all options prior to making decision. Interested person can consult with our specialist via various More hair retreat center contact channels or make appointment for direct consultation at the center.

Detailed health screening will be undertaken to evaluate whether or not the service can be provided right away, for example, should any medication be ceased prior to the service.

The Very First Needleless SMP Center in Thailand and Southeast Asia

Needleless Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

The newest high speed pulse technology that creates high resolution tiny dots on the scalp to provide the most natural hair line shadow look. This process uses special pigment specifically designed for the scalp. It is needleless, therefore, no pain, no anesthetic required, and no blood. Infection is not expected and the scalp aftercare is very convenient. The resultant Needleless SMP stays for about 1-2 years.

Service fee depends on the severity and extent of problem of each person, e.g. the width of treatment area, or patchy hair loss. Consultation and evaluation should be performed before making decision. The price starts at 17,500 baht.

Zone 1
Zone 2
Frontal to Mid line
Zone 3
Frontal to Crown vertex line
Zone 4

LED Phototherapy Rejuvenation Treatment

LED’s photo-rejuvenation technology delivers healing power and energy of light composed of blue, yellow, red and infrared rays with high-intensity SLDs (Super-luminous diodes). The light penetrates into the dermal issue, where it is absorbed by skin cells. This energizes the cells and they start to reproduce faster and function like younger cells. This process promotes cell

wall exchange and stimulates blood circulation, leading to more production of collagen and elastin, decreased healing time and reduced wrinkles. This LED system uses light to stimulate skin cells, which begin to activate and produce more enzymes. This process is known as photo-rejuvenation, which leads to the nourishment and rejuvenation of skin cells. As the skin cells become stronger and healthier, problems with sensitive dry skin, mature skin, uneven skin tone and skin damage will be greatly reduced.

Scalp Therapy & Relaxing Head Massage

Holistic Spa Therapy that helps ease the stresses of the day and promote feelings of relaxation by Premium  Scalp and hair treatment products combined with detox massage. You will feel Relax and having a chill sleep during the treatment. The benefit of this treatment helps release tension, ease migraine and headache pain, reduce stress and stimulates blood circulation under the scalp. Moreover, it also help to clean dirt from the scalp deeply.

SMP Needleless Treatment Process